There are so many things we can do to improve our health – physically & emotionally. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything! So here I am sharing my top 5 wellness tips which are easy to implement and have made the biggest difference to my health –

1 ) Get Outdoors

I feel SO much better after a walk in the fresh air, even on a rainy cold day (wrap up warm & you will be fine!). I’ve been struggling a lot with fatigue recently, so it’s hard to get motivated to do any exercise, but I am ALWAYS glad I made the effort to get outside. Plus, I find being in nature so healing – if I’m lucky enough to see blue sky & sunshine & flowers all the better! It even quietens down my over active mind a bit once I really focus on my surroundings. It helps that I usually have my dog with me for company, but as he’s getting older now & can’t walk as far I still go out by myself as well. Here are my 2 dogs – Holly (she is my angel dog now) & Chester on a trip to Anglesey.


2) Hydrate

I’m not talking cocktails or coffee! But good quality mineral water &/or herbal teas. Drink before your body is showing signs of thirst, especially when you are active or exercising. I use a water filter at home & fill the kettle with the filtered water to use in herbal teas, but you can also use bottled water. It is my dream to have a fabulous water filter system built into my house – for cooking / drinking purposes as well as showering & bathing! In the summer heat I like to switch to sparkling water with lemon or lime added for extra refreshment. In the colder months I usually just have warm water or herbal teas.


3) Community

We can’t heal alone. We have a built in need for healthy connection with others who resonate with us & who we feel safe with. I tend to isolate myself from others, so this is tricky for me but I’m recognising the importance of safe friendships and relationships. Let yourself have fun & laugh as well as sharing more difficult topics. Maybe start with a counsellor or therapist if you don’t feel you have anyone else you can trust yet. You will find your tribe & community when you are open & ready for it!


4) Journal

I am a BIG writer. It is how I process events & feelings. I would feel lost if I couldn’t write in my journal each day! I tend to do a brain dump each morning & record my dreams (if I remember) & make a loose to-do list and then the evenings are when I do my big journalling session – making sense of the events of the day & any emotions that got triggered. I also ADORE pretty stationary and coloured pens!


5) Get Quality Sleep

This is a big one for me, as I haven’t had a proper full 7-8 hours sleep in about 2 years due to dealing with poorly animals. I miss sleep! I currently get 3-4 hours of sleep in blocks but am awake a lot during the night and I feel rough the next day! It really made me realise how foundational good quality sleep is for our health & wellbeing. It really affects my mood as well as my physical body (fatigue & brain fog etc). I try to rest a lot during the day when needed and I am partial to a cat nap or yoga nidra mid afternoon also!


Let me know what your top 5 tips would be?

Luv, Fi xx