We all have those days where everything just seems too much! Too complicated! Too stressful! Too emotional! If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression on top of these difficult days, it can be extra hard to pull yourself back out of the pit of despair… Trust me, I know! Here are some quick & easy (but my no means simple) ways to help shift your mood towards a more positive outlook. Taking the first step to shift things when you’re feeling bogged down & overwhelmed is MASSIVE – so please recognise that & go slowly & gently.

1. Shake it off – Literally. Even if you can barely move as you feel so rubbish, please, please try putting on your favourite tunes (as loud as you can!) & MOVE your body. Dancing, shaking etc will help clear & revitalize your energy & may even make you smile in the process. You can even get your kids involved (if you have them!) & bonus points if you can combine point 2 & dance outside!

2. Get outside – Nature is so healing. Get outdoors for a walk, even if it is just round the block where  you live. Bonus healing vibes if you can get to a park, nature reserve or even the beach! Let the stress be eased by the wind, the rain, the sun, the ocean, the trees. If you don’t feel up to walking in public – do you have a garden or outside space you can go to? If it’s summer time, lying on the ground would be a lovely way to recharge yourself & let some stress go.

3. Do some EFT Tapping – this is an acupressure technique which helps release stress & blocked energy & emotions from the body. Have a look on The Tapping Solution website – they even made a movie about the technique. I love to follow videos on YouTube from Brad Yates – you can tap on any emotion or scenario you can think of. I especially like it for helping me to sleep at night when I’m worried or my mind is racing. Give it a try – you may feel silly doing it, but I bet you’ll feel better afterwards!

4. Connect – they say a problem shared is a problem halved, right? I really think it’s important to connect to friends or family, especially when you’re having a stressful time. You don’t need to see them in person, even just a phone call or messaging can be supportive.

5. Animals – OK, this one relies on you having a pet or 2 (or 5 – like me!) in your house. Or maybe you have a close friend or family member who will let you snuggle their dog or cat?! Animals are so healing & they have an extraordinary sense when we need extra love & support from them. Just spend some time feeling their fur under your fingers, giving them a gentle stroke, or playing with them & reveling in their pure joy of the moment. Smiles guaranteed.

I hope these 5 tips have inspired you and given you some new ideas of what you can do to help yourself when things get tough. It takes great courage to try something new & to try to help lift your mood – so congratulate yourself for even the tiniest steps…!