I’m sure you will have heard the buzz about CBD oil – or maybe even used it yourself? It is definitely one of the top health & wellness trends about these days. But I’ve also encountered some confusion, fear & even disapproval of it – with family & friends & also among fellow bloggers.

First things first – CBD oil is completely legal in the UK! And no, it does not get you “high” (CBD oils have to contain less than 0.2% THC which is the psychoactive substance). I think there’s a real misunderstanding out there about the beneficial medicinal properties of CBD oil with people just thinking it’s a recreational drug! Definitely not!

Whole hosts of people from all walks of life are turning to CBD products for relief from everything from anxiety to chronic pain to epilepsy. And in a lot of cases the results are fantastic.

CBD oil interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which has millions of receptor sites. This gives benefits throughout the whole body.

Personally, my journey with CBD products began not with myself, but with my dog! I’ve written about my dog Chester before on the blog (HERE) – he has a spinal condition & arthritis which gives him chronic pain. He has also developed severe separation anxiety & does not sleep well. I have 2 wonderful holistic vets who have both recommended a high strength CBD oil for him for pain & anxiety management. He was well managed on CBD alone for a while but we have now had to add in other medication as well (this is safe to use alongside CBD, we just leave a minimum 2 hour gap in between!). It is a real bonus to be able to use something that is more natural & causes less side effects for him.

He has also used a high strength paste product before – where I apply the paste directly to his gums, followed by a small amount of food or a few treats. The paste gets absorbed directly into the body and bypasses most of the digestive tract. He is currently taking a CBD oil and gets 2 drops with some food once a day (& perhaps another dose overnight if he is very restless). It is really important to get the correct dose for the body weight of your dog. Ask your holistic vet (if you have one), or there are many animal specific CBD support groups online which give great advice & support.

One of my cats, Meg also gets CBD oil at nighttime on her food for her arthritis pain. She also has IBD (inflammatory bowel disorder) which means she has a very sensitive stomach & can’t take a lot of the regular vet prescribed NSAID pain medications. CBD has been a real gamechanger for her. It also helps her sleep better.

I haven’t been as religious with CBD for myself as for the animals & I’m not sure why (!) – as I do suffer from a lot of anxiety & varying levels of inflammation in my body. I’ve recently started to introduce the oil at bedtime for myself & I definitely sleep a LOT better. I think it’s worth noting that if you have underlying reasons for your anxiety such as PTSD / trauma (like I do), then CBD alone isn’t going to “cure” the anxiety symptoms. I also do a lot of baseline nervous system healing work which is super important. CBD can then be used for extra relief for stressful triggers.

Definitely do your research & buy from a reputable CBD brand. I like Associated CBD marketplace in the UK who sell various top brands. Also, if you buy a quality CBD oil it’s worth noting that you don’t need to use much at all to get beneficial effects – so don’t be put off by seemingly high prices! One bottle of oil may last for months!

You will find there are also lots of other formulations of CBD – I’m trying to get my Mum to try it but she hates the taste of the oil. I’m thinking of getting some CBD gummy sweets for her to try! I’ll let you know what she thinks of them! Incidentally, I bought my mum a CBD infused facial serum for Christmas & she has experienced great anti-aging & skin smoothing effects from it. I may try some facial products myself!

So, there you have it! CBD use for my whole family including the animals!

Let me know if you have used CBD for yourself or if you have any questions about it? I may do a follow up post if there is enough interest!

Luv, Fi x